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       General Introduction to 1.2 Million MT/Year Sugar Refinery Program

          1.2 Million MT/Year Sugar Refinery Program, which lies in Rizhao Economic-Technology Development Area, to the south of Shanghai Road and west of Lanzhou Road, is established by Lingyunhai Sugar Group Co., Ltd. with the investment of RMB 1.56 billion. This program occupies the area of 209 mu. The construction, of which the scale is 136274 square meters, started in October 2011 and is predicted to be put in to practice in April 2013. When the program is completed, the production ability will be 400 thousand tons refined class white granulated sugar per year, 752 thousand tons senior class white granulated sugar per year and 90 thousand tons high quality rock sugar.

          The production process of this program adopts “carbonation process”, which utilizes charging purification. This process is advanced and reliable, of which the energy consume reaches the advanced level in China. After program is complete, the advantage of sugar of the group company can be sufficiently developed to benefit the port and logistics, resolve the employment of nearby residents, and promote the economy development of Rizhao to increase both the enterprise’s economic benefit and social benefit.

      集團地址:日照經濟技術開發區秦皇島路59號凌海大酒店    全國服務熱線:0633-3602298

      集團銷售部電話:0633-3602298    集團銷售部辦公地址:日照經濟技術開發區秦皇島路59號凌海大酒店裙樓

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